Women's Fitness Classes in Spring, TX

Taking all aspects of female physiology and anatomy into consideration, the professional fitness experts at Shape Women's Fitness have organized a wide variety of classes to help you attain your personal weight loss and fitness goals. These unique exercise programs offer something for every woman, regardless of age or level of physical fitness.


  • Aqua Fit - Water resistance offers a unique option to your work out and get great results! The water can be challenging if you focus on each exercise. Aqua Fit is for everyone especially members who are pregnant and/or need a joint sensitive exercise program. Equipment provided.

  • Barbell Strength - Join us for a total body resistance workout that targets that major muscles in the legs, chest, and back. The combination of moderate weights and high repetition will keep muscles slim, trim, and toned.

  • Belly Dancing - Intro to belly dancing. Basic technique and fun combinations will be taught. No dancing experience necessary but you should like to have fun!

  • Cardio Kickboxing - High energy class involving punching, kicking, and combinations that will build cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and increase hand-eye coordination.

  • Cardio Shape - Step it up with intervals of cardio and resistance exercises. Enjoy step aerobics, kickboxing, and more! All levels are welcome.

  • Mat Pilates - Provide new students with an introduction to the basic principles of the method. The Joseph Pilates Method focuses on breathing throughout each exercise and demonstrating control of the muscles in use. If you want a stronger core (abs and back), this is the perfect class.

  • Piloxing - Mixes pilates and boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape, using a class format that is both fun and challenging. At the core of Piloxing is the principle that feminine is powerful and it aims for women to attain a sleek, sexy, and powerful self-image.

  • Shape Cycle - Cycling can be a great way to get in a vigorous, cardio workout. Each class is designed to change your body and increase your fitness and endurance levels. If you desire to burn lots of calories, tone your legs, and sweat like crazy, Shape Cycle is the right fit!

  • Total Fit - Work all muscles using resistance bands and weights while incorporating power moves that challenge your core and push you to your limit!

  • Yoga Basics - Take time to breath, relax, and become one with your body. It is time to listen to what your joints and muscles are saying to you. Enjoy peace and embrace your inner you.

  • Zumba - Join our shape Zumba instructors for salsa, cumbia, merengue, and more! Add sizzle to your day by dancing to international rhythms and Latin beats.

Whatever your age or current fitness level, you're certain to find a Shape Women's Class that works perfectly for you.